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Our People (AKA Ninjas)

Is the word “ninja” really in your title?

Yes, it absolutely is. This started out as a joke about our Founder & Chief AML Ninja when she was with a previous firm. The legend is that she was so efficient at solving compliance problems that she was dubbed the compliance ninja by her team. The nickname stuck. Not only is the title a piece of much-needed levity, but the metaphor works well for our team.

Like all professionals, ninjas spend hours training (not unlike the 10,000 hours of practice espoused in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, which is the basis of our company’s name).  Like us, ninjas also worked in teams, often to complete difficult jobs on tight timelines, with little recognition for their impact… the metaphor starts to break down when it comes to violence though; our battles are generally of the academic variety only.

Outlier’s Ninjas

Working With Us

At Outlier, we’re serious about that whole 10,000 hours thing. If you don’t have in-house compliance experience (and a fair bit of it), this is probably not the right place for you… and that’s ok! We encourage you to get out there and get that experience. There are many interesting roles in compliance, and we believe that the best way to learn is by doing the work.

While we have taken on interns for special projects, including research projects, and university capstone projects, we generally do not hire interns. Again, don’t let this discourage you. There are many great ways to learn about compliance.

Speaking Engagements

When we are deciding whether or not we will speak at an event, the most important question is whether we are able to add value for the audience; the rest is secondary. If you are requesting a speaker, please be clear about what you’re hoping that your audience will learn. We like to have the ability to record and post video, but we understand that this is not practical for some events (especially those conducted under Chatham House Rules), and we respect that.

We do not participate in “pay to play” events (where speakers must pay for speaking slots). We do not financially sponsor for-profit events. There are no exceptions, so please don’t send us this type of request.

We love supporting community events, and sometimes we reach out to local meetup groups when we’re in the neighbourhood. We also host a free compliance meetup in Toronto and host a YouTube channel.

We are happy to have our free content shared, and prefer that, where practical, it be shared freely rather than behind paywalls.

Get In Touch

If you have questions about Outlier or want to book a speaker, please let us know.