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David Vijan, CAMS

CRO & Compliance Ninja

David joins the Outlier team with extensive compliance experience, providing compliance guidance and building compliance programs for Federally Regulated Financial Intuitions. He has an established track record of providing insightful compliance solutions. David has also acted at Chief AML Officer (CAMLO) for a Money Services Businesses (MSB).  His expertise includes anti-money laundering (AML), counter terrorist financing (CTF), Fraud, Privacy and Legislative Compliance Management (LCM). David’s educational background encompasses Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Finance, and Economic Crime.

David first memory that has fueled his passion for compliance was while working in a Fraud Department of a Federally Regulated Financial Intuition, he was asked if he would be interested in reviewing newly drafted procedures related to Anti-Money Laundering, given the overlap that is sometimes seen between a Fraud Department and an to Anti-Money Laundering Department in relation to reviewing of transactions/active. David jumped on the chance and resulted in him moving over into Anti-Money Laundering role and the rest is history – he has been in compliance roles every since.

David is true supporter of Outlier’s mission statement “good compliance can enable good business”  He is also a firm believer that it starts with the tone at the top.