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Privacy Program Development & Assessment

Canada’s federal overarching privacy legislation includes the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and regulations such as Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (including Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL)).

Under the PIPEDA, private-sector organizations must protect all personal information in its possession and adhere to prescribed obligations and best practices.  This is to ensure appropriate methods are followed in the collection, use, security and access to information collected from customers and potential customers. Such organizations that collect personal information must be upfront in explaining their privacy practices. They must also have a customer facing privacy policy that explains why an organization is collecting personal information, what will be done with it, how it will be protected and who it will be shared with.

Outlier can develop customized privacy compliance program documentation which includes, at a minimum:

Additionally, Outlier can review existing processes and plans to identify potential privacy issues and suggest practical solutions to meet your business needs.

Each element of your privacy program must be documented. Outlier can assist you in ensuring that any/all of these elements are created, in place, well documented, and specific to your business model.