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Regulatory Examination Support

Regulatory examinations can be stressful. While we can’t complete your exam for you, each member of our team has been an in-house Compliance Officer and survived regulatory examinations. We can help you prepare your data, train your staff, conduct mock-examinations, be there as note-takers during the examination, and help you to remediate any deficiencies that are identified by the regulator.

As a best practice, following any examination, you should document a remediation plan with target dates for all action items. If you’re struggling with this part, you can download a copy of our template here (you’re welcome), and edit it to fit your situation:

Compliance Remediation and Program Update Log

Outlier assists in regulatory examinations, including AML and privacy, for financial entities (such as banks and credit unions), money services businesses (MSBs), dealers in precious metals and stones (DPMSs), securities dealers, and real estate companies.