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I Have No Idea, But Apparently I’m The Compliance Officer

Ok, take a deep breath.  We know the feeling!  We’ve written a blog especially for new Compliance Officers.

We’ve got everything that you need to create a new compliance program, if you need to.  You can see what the program pieces look like here, and add the pieces that you need to your basket.  Click on the basket icon anytime to checkout (there is no cost if you’re logged in as a CJA or JVC member, and no credit card information will be collected).  Go to “Your Account” anytime to download the materials that you’ve selected.

If you need a hand from a consultant, we can help (there is a fee, but CJA and JVC members receive a 10% discount) you can contact us using our online form, or call us at (844) 919-1623.

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